PACTO is used here

On expeditions

PACTO is a practical solution that is used in many different environments where water and electricity are not available, such as camps of all kinds. Everything from research facilities and scientific expeditions to remote film shoots.

Where emergency aid is needed

Natural disasters and wars can strike suddenly and sanitation is one of many important issues that must be resolved. PACTO minimises the risks of pollution and disease spreading in the area.

Military, in mines and civil defence shelters

PACTO is exceptionally convenient when it comes to assembly, transport and storage. Its construction made of 90% metal guarantees a sustainable product that retains its high quality year after year. This makes PACTO optimal to both be used regularly and be stored for future needs.

In cottages and holiday homes

Since PACTO is the solution for locations where you do not have access to water or electricity, PACTO is ideal for the cottage, regardless of whether it is in the country, in the archipelago or in the mountains. With the organic flushing foil, the waste can be composted, which provides simple and cost-free waste disposal.