PACTO – like a regular toilet, just without electricity and water

PACTO is the perfect and most hygienic choice for remote locations or situations where access to electricity and water is limited or non-existent.

One of the most advantageous characteristics is its versatility in terms of installation. It can easily be installed anywhere, in any temperature and climate, both permanently and temporarily.

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How to install and assemble PACTO

There are two alternatives for installing PACTO, either with the waste repository on the floor or below the floor. Both options have their own advantages, and you can choose the one that best suits your specific needs and circumstances.

Installation 1

Waste repository on the floor

The toilet is placed on a PACTO Podium that contains the collection bags for the waste. This installation is convenient since it does not require a hole in the floor and emptying of the waste can be handled easily.

It is important to supplement the podium with ventilation pipes for air pass-through.

Installation 2

Waste repository below the floor

PACTO can also be placed directly on the floor. Then a hole is required under the toilet that the flushing foil is fed through to an optional waste repository. The waste repository is emptied from outside or through access directly to the space below the floor.

The need for ventilation for this type of installation varies depending on the input supply of fresh air.


This film shows how to assemble a PACTO.

Loading the flushing foil

This film shows how to put the flushing foil into a PACTO.


This film shows how to empty a PACTO.

Waste management

Once you emptied your PACTO, the waste is easily disposed of. Since the flushing foil encapsulates all the waste, you never have to handle it directly. The polyethylene flushing foil can be incinerated. When the polyethylene flushing foil is incinerated, only carbon dioxide and water are formed.

If you use the organic flushing foil, you can compost the entire bag and its contents in a latrine
compost. After the waste is composted, it turns into topsoil.

484 mm depth
483 mm width
415 mm seat height
16 kg

817 mm depth
560 mm width
219 mm height
20 kg


No. When you use PACTO, all waste is handled together. It is a simple and resource-efficient way to take care of the urine, which in separation solutions must be diluted with 8 to 10 times its volume in water.

Personal hygiene products, such as pads, tampons and nappies, do not break down during composting. Sharp edges can also damage the flushing foil, so PACTO should not be used as a waste bin.

PACTO is not affected by the weather. The toilet works just as well in Antarctica as in Africa and can therefore be used year-round and in any weather.

For most people, the organic flushing foil is preferable. It is biodegradable, which means that you can easily get rid of your waste at no expense. If you do not have the opportunity to compost the waste, we recommend using the flushing foil made of polyethylene. When the polyethylene flushing foil is incinerated, only carbon dioxide and water are formed.

No. If PACTO is correctly installed and used, all waste is encapsulated in the sealed flushing foil, so you never come into contact with waste or bacteria.

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